Top 10 Places to visit in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania offers some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the United States and numerous historical cities. Pennsylvania offers more than meets the eye. It’s been called the Keystone State, Oil State, and Quaker State. Its popularity among food lovers, history buffs, and architects makes it a desirable destination. In this fantastic destination, Pennsylvania car service can make your experience more pleasurable.  Your love for this beautiful city will definitely be more profound with these top 10 unique places to visit. Let’s dive in.


Have you experienced Gettysburg? Gettysburg is a borough and town in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. It is a historic place in the P.A. The Gettysburg National Battlefield offers a glimpse of what is now the Gettysburg National Military Park, a site of a pivotal Civil War battle that cost 51,000 lives over three days in 1863. You can explore the history of the Civil War at the Gettysburg Heritage Center and learn how the battle of Gettysburg shaped it. Be sure to visit the Jennie Wade House, the only dwelling in Gettysburg where a Gettysburg citizen died during the battle.


It is no wonder Pittsburgh stands out from the rest of the country as it offers experiences and activities you cannot find anywhere else. Plan your next adventure and see what makes Pittsburgh truly stand out.

Andy Warhol’s birthplace is Pittsburgh, where the Andy Warhol Museum holds the artist’s most extensive collections of paintings, prints, and archival materials. Several other attractions in Pittsburgh are popular with families, including Kennywood Amusement Park, Boat Tours, and Museums.


Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania. The state museum of Pennsylvania and the National Civil War museum are top attractions in this city, with a charming vibe and a historic vibe along the Susquehanna River. The classic farmer’s market that has been a part of the local culture for a long time, the Broad Street Market is also one of the important places in this city.

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park’s 150-acre wildlife park and zoo in Central Pennsylvania, you can enjoy fun families activities and animal attractions for all age groups. Go on a guided safari to get in touch with hundreds of animals from all over the world. Visiting this park will let you feel an overwhelming feeling.


This Pennsylvania chocolate-themed amusement park is a great place to relive childhood memories of Hershey’s chocolate bars. In fact, this is the main attraction of Pennsylvania. Family and children often prefer going to an amusement park. In 1903, Milton Hershey founded the Hershey chocolate company. Experience Hershey by taking a trolley tour around the town and learning about Milton Hershey’s contributions to society beyond his candy creations. There are 70 rides at this park, which covers an area of 110 acres. Most people are attracted by this park’s 14 fantastic roller coaster rides.

The Pocono Mountains

There is nothing better than relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the Pocono Mountains. The peaks and valleys covered in the forest will make you want to sit on the lawn and enjoy a picnic just to enjoy the view. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is the first place you should visit in the region. This multi-county region boasts places to go hiking, biking, and rafting, such as Jim Thorpe, a favorite among adventure seekers.


Lancaster is another one of the oldest inland towns in the United States and serves as the county seat for Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Dutch Country offers a variety of activities. Farmlands, family-style feasts, and Amish people will create priceless memories for you. The city of Lancaster, PA, offers a peaceful getaway for visitors seeking a change of pace and a wide-open space. Lancaster County has a range of experiences for every type of adventurer, from quaint country stores to rooftop bars.


As part of the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania, Bethlehem is located along the Lehigh River, split between Northampton and Lehigh Counties. The rustic, historical town is renowned for its old steel mills, German architecture, and elaborate Christmas festival. A visit here is worth it to admire its historic buildings, especially the 1748 Brethren’s House, the 1741 Gemeinhaus, and the 1775 Old Chapel. It is also known as the Christmas City of the USA as part of Bethlehem’s heritage and was initially celebrated by a small group of Moravian immigrants in 1741; it currently takes a large village to create Christmas in Bethlehem.


Pennsylvania’s main access point to the Great Lakes, Erie, is located on the southern shore of our namesake lake.

Aside from special exhibits, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s original San Francisco office, the Hagen History Center Campus showcases the history of Erie County over the past 200 years.  It’s the perfect spot to explore Erie’s maritime history a la carte if you visit Erie’s three lighthouses. Visit Erie’s Self-Guided Tours page for more information. At the Erie Maritime Museum, visitors can experience maritime history and heritage in the Greater Erie region, learn about the War of 1812 narrative, civil activities, and innovations, and experience Pennsylvania’s contributions to the maritime industry. Its centerpiece exhibit is the U.S. Brig Niagara, an active sailing vessel docked behind the museum and a floating maritime museum.


Explore the water, the trees, or the skies at 10,000 feet! Bushkill is full of adventures! With natural attractions like the Delaware River, Pennsylvania’s Niagara, and the Pocono Mountains at its foot, this Pocono Mountains town offers plenty to do.

One of the most popular scenic attractions in the Keystone State is Bushkill Falls, commonly known as “Niagara of Pennsylvania.” Situated deep within the Pocono Mountains, this series of eight waterfalls is accessible through a network of hiking trails and bridges that afford spectacular vistas.

There’s no shortage of activities to do here, including paddleboat rides, fishing, and miniature golf.

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