How to make your stay in Newark an unforgettable experience

Whether you‘re planning to head for a relaxing vacation or have an adventurous time, Newark has something distinct to offer for almost every kind of traveler. It is a city brimming with things to do, ensuring people can indulge in a new thing each day. Tourists flock here in great numbers to experience a vibrant medley of history, culture, art, cuisine, and even sports.

Are you planning to visit Newark and wonder what you can do in the city? Dive right in to find out. If you’re thinking of traveling by air, make sure you hire the Newark Airport Car Service after landing at Newark International Airport to reach your destination anywhere in the city.

You can start your tour of Newark right from the airport with multiple car options that we offer. The car services come with multiple options and you are free to negotiate the fare based on the duration you will need the car for. This way you no longer will have to roam around with your luggage and keep it in a safe place. Additionally, you can have as many stoppages as you want, treating it like your own car and explore the city with comfort and luxury. Let us now consider some of the best places to explore in Newark.

What are the things you can try in Newark?

The best thing about Newark is that each day can be an enthralling experience. Here are a few must-try things in the city:

1.       Experience art at Newark Museum:

No trip to the magnificent city of Newark is complete without visiting the Newark Museum. Established in 1909, it is the largest museum that houses a vast collection of art and natural science exhibits. You get the opportunity to explore everything from contemporary to ancient art from different corners of the world. Don’t miss out on the eclectic Tibetan collection of 5,000 Buddhist treasures, making this museum the finest exhibit of the Sino-Tibetan collections. Besides that, there are numerous science rooms to visit, including exhibitions on energy, waste, and even an acclaimed planetarium.     

2.       Unwind at Riverfront Park:

Do you want to get away from the usual humdrum of the city and enjoy a few moments of peace? If yes, then Riverfront Park is ideal for you. While taking a casual stroll along the river, you can take in the picturesque views of the city lights in the evenings. This park is also famous for hosting a wide array of activities that you can participate in, like Zumba classes or yoga sessions. You can even have a picnic or sunbathe here on the public sunbeds with your friends and family. During the warm summer months, you might come across festivals, street performers, and even art installations that provide Newark-style entertainment.

3.       See cherry blossoms at Branch Brook Park:

Branch Brook Park is a popular spot among both locals and tourists because of the exotic cherry trees. The park houses over 14 different species of cherry trees and encompasses more than 4,000 individual trees. If you’re in luck, you can even attend the Cherry Blossom Festival held annually in April. Even if you visit any other time of the year, you can enjoy the surreal flowers, elegant bridges and rejuvenate while walking on the winding pathways. 

4.      Enjoy the magnificent Cathedral Basilica:

While you are in Branch Brook Park, you can take a short walk to witness the fifth largest cathedral of America, the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Although the construction of this grand cathedral began in 1898, it took close to 29 years to complete. It is a tall and proud epitome of Gothic Revivalism, along with French medieval spires and Anglo-style flying buttresses. While you marvel at this architectural wonder, you can also enjoy the soothing musical notes and gather a wealth of information through the stained glass windows.        

5.     Indulge in the delicious flavors:

One of the best things about Newark is the multicultural cuisine it has to offer. If you’re looking for one culinary hotspot that can offer you the best of everything, you must head to the Ironbound neighborhood. Popularly called mini Spain or even little Portugal, you can find everything from Argentine empanadas to gaucho steaks from Madrid. There is a mix of restaurants, eateries, and food stalls, each offering delicious food that you can’t get enough of. Try the finest Italian cones and sorbets from Nasto’s Ice Cream!   

Bottom line

Although Newark might look like a small place in comparison to the neighboring areas, it is still the largest city of Garden State. From breathtaking views of the cherry blossoms to enticing eateries, from grandeur in architecture to deep-rooted heritage, Newark is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Pack your bags, books your tickets, hire a comfortable limousine, and explore the city of Newark in style.   

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