The city of dreams – New York City,  is one of those cities that everyone across the globe wants to get a feel of. When you visit, you know you don’t want to have one of the touristy experiences but want to explore it like a true New Yorker, someone who knows the city like the back of their hand. It might sound like a dream, but it isn’t. We will help you to explore the city the way it should be and experience the city in its true glory. Whether it is your first time in New York or not, you know the traffic to and even from the airport can be awful. It is always best to start your trip on the right note, whenever you are flying in from the John F. Kennedy International Airport, have a JFK car service pick you up and drive you around the town so that you can explore the city. Exploring New York like an authentic New York is all about exploring in style. Here is how you should go about your exploration.

Book Entertainment

The artistic side of New York is no secret. You can find a theatre, cinema or even a performance spot in almost every corner of the city. If you enjoy art, then one of the most New Yorker things that you can do is book yourself tickets and watch a play or a musical that you find intriguing. This is one of to do in New York, which will not make you feel like a tourist, but it is also one thing that makes the city what it is. Watching one of the most famous plays or musicals will help you experience this gorgeous city’s rich culture.

Get yourself to Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan is the place where the action is. Here you will find all the trendiest restaurants and the most fantastic rooftop bars. The hole-in-wall boutique shops are a hidden gem. If you thoroughly enjoy food, there are fantastic food tours that you can take. They usually happen between Union Square, the West Village, East Village, SoHo, Tribeca, and Financial District. There are a lot of off-beat places to explore here.

Take in the Skyline of Manhattan

The skyline of Manhattan is breathtaking. There are two ways to explore the stunning skyline. The first is from inside Manhattan. The view from the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock Observation Deck is the two most popular places. You could also head downtown to the World Trade Center, where there is an observatory from where you can experience the dazzling view of NYC. The other way to explore the skyline of the city is from outside Manhattan. You could head to Brooklyn to the East and watch the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s view or the Brooklyn side of the East River. The view will leave you mesmerized.

Visit the lesser-known sights

Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty are just some of the most traditional places for touristy places. When you are a city dweller, you know the hidden gems which are a must-visit. NYC has so many hidden gems. You could head to the Front Tyron Park, Berlin Wall, New York Public Library, or the Morgan Library. These are some of the places where you are also bound to see some locals. You know you are experiencing the city like a true New Yorker.

Watch a Secret Sunset

New York City is known as the City which never sleeps. But one of the things that you need to do in the Big Apple is to watch the sunset. A lot of people head to the Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Center to watch the sunset. If you want to experience the evening in the authentic New York-style, head to The Sunset Park, which is Southern Brooklyn. This the perfect park to watch the beautiful and memorable sunset with the breathtaking Manhattan skyline view.

Get yourself tickets to a game

When you are a sports lover that is here in the city, you know you need to get yourself tickets to a game. New York Yankees, New York Rangers, New York Jets, or New York Knicks are some of the most popular New York teams. Heading to a game is as New York as you can possibly get. It is one of the few things that tourists rarely do. Grab yourself some tickets and have a memorable experience watching sports in New York. Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, and MetLife Stadium are some of the most popular places to watch a game.

Explore New York on Foot

One of the best ways to explore this city is on foot. Some of the hotspots to explore on foot are Central Park, the High Line (the place to get yourself gelato), Fifth Avenue, and the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge. For a more off-beat walk around the town, you can head to downtown, where you could explore the West Side Highway and then through the Battery Park. This is another beautiful place to watch the sunset over the Hudson River.

Spend time in a Museum

Apart from being known for Times Square and a partying life, the city is also known for housing many museums. The City of New York is a cultural center, and one of the things that should always be explored when in the city is museums. There are multiple museums for art lovers like the Museum of Modern Art or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The American Museum of Natural History is popular all across the world. The Brooklyn Museum, New Museum, the Jewish Museum, Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, Museum of the City of New York, Park Avenue Armoury, Museum of the Moving Image, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, and Rubin Museum of Art are just some of the many museums that you will find in New York.

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