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New York is the most populated city in United States. Its diverse culture and various attractions will keep you hooked to the place for a long time. If you are visiting for the weekend with your family, you won’t be able cover everything the city provides. It might take you a lifetime to explore the whole of New York City. It has also been described as the capital of culture, media and finance of the world. New York welcomes everyone and has a piece that everyone will love, even the studious ones. The history is rich and diverse here. Also, the places to visit cannot be narrowed down as there are too many. Hauling a cab to take you to your destination can be very hectic and tiresome. To avoid such problems you can hire the car service. You can choose a car that will be according to your requirement and hire it. If you are travelling with your family or friends, make sure to book your services with the JFK car service. Your vacation should not be cut short with tensions for your family. You will have your car and driver waiting for you after you have landed and exited the JFK airport.

New York is a place everyone should visit once in a lifetime. It welcomes everybody and has something that everyone will love. Since you cannot take on New York the one time you visit, make sure you relax and go around. Here is a list of the places you can cover in the time you are in the place.

  • Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum is one the third largest museum in New York housing 1.5 million pieces of work in the collection. This is a place for the art lovers and the ones who are knee-deep in history. It is situated on the edge of Prospect Park and begs the visitors to come and have a look into the rich history. You are bound to be awed by the pieces of art as they depict the rich culture of the city. There are paintings by Norman Rockwell and Dennis Hopper which are a treat to the eyes. If nothing gets your attention, the Egyptian artefacts gallery will be your undoing. It has everything you can ask for and is top-notch. Falling in love with the place is inevitable.

  • Coney Island

If you want to get trapped in the old world charm of circus with your kid, this is the place for you. Sit and relax on the beach while your kid runs up and down making castles with the sand. You can also take him or her up for a ride in the cyclone roller coaster. The rush of adrenaline will be worth riding the sky high roller coaster. You can laze around and relax on Coney Island and have ice creams. The foodie in the group will also be very satisfied with the Totonno’s Pizza, Gargiulo’s and Coney Island Brewery. Everyone will have something or the other to satisfy them with. Just hang out with your family members and relax on the beach. You will be content and satisfied beyond extent here.

  • Central Park

You cannot come to New York and not visit Central Park. New York is always crowded. It is the city that never sleeps. If you find stretches of greenery, forests, and meadows in the midst of a crowded city, it is nothing but a miracle. Central Park is a man-made 69.3 acres of greenery with forests, rolling hills, and meadows. All you have to do is step off the 59th street and you will be breathing in the middle of nature. The park is adorned with sculptures, fountains, monuments, arches, and bridges. After taking a tour of the city you can sit down here and let go. If you ask your driver to drop you off somewhere you can rest, he will make the stop here. You will not have to worry about the children as they will be very happy to be in the middle of so much greenery. Central Park is always filled with children and has 21 playgrounds, a castle, a zoo, and an ice-skating rink. This place has everything you need to relax.

  • Satisfy your stomach

New York has the reputation of having some of the best food one has ever tasted. There are cuisines of every type and you cannot just sit with one. You have got to try everything that New York offers. After all the roaming around and finding places to explore, your stomach needs as much love as your mind. Some of the places in New York that you can just say no to include Liebman’s Deli for that nostalgic feel and their in-house hotdogs, corned beef and kosher pastrami. Those over filled sandwiches are enough to say no more from your stomach. There is also Flora Bar if you want elegance and expensive food. You have everything on the menu starting from clams to tuna. Some of the other places include La Morada, Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken, Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna, and many more. You will find everything that your palette wants in New York.  You can ask the driver for suggestion or ask him to drop you off anywhere you want to eat. He will do it for you and come pick up when asked.

New York is the dream city for many and visiting the place makes it more likable. Everyone has something or the other they can relate to in the city. You will not be able to cover the number of places in New York in a single holiday. You will have to come back for more. As you have come down to New York for holidays, make sure that you spend it without any worries. To take that burden off your shoulders make sure that you hire the best car service. You will not have to worry about getting from place to place. Also, you save a lot of money by hiring the car services instead of waiting around for taxi.

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