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Manhattan is most commonly known as “the City” by the residents of New York. The place serves up as the historical birthplace, along with being the cultural identifier and economic and administrative center of New York. Manhattan is the center city of NYC, both geographically and culturally as well. The signature places to visit are plenty and recreation is on top here. The attractions are bound to leave you astounded and bewitched. Whether you are on a short holiday of a day or two, or you are here for some serious recreation, this is the place to be. Make sure to cover everything on your bucket list and get going. Plan your trip and book everything that you might need to visit the place. There’s always the thought of hailing a cab when you land. It becomes quite hectic for a person to take care of everything. If you are coming in from LaGuardia airport, you can book your car and services in advance. The Manhattan to LGA Car Service will help with this and ensure your safe journey. Since you are coming in with the holiday mood, you deserve the best relaxation and they provide you with exactly that.

As Manhattan has a rich culture, history, as well as beautiful architecture’s on display, the place is a hub for many in the best way possible. You can very easily find your favorite destination without any help. However, here’s a guide of the destinations that you absolutely need to cover while visiting the city.

  • The best architecture’s that you’ll ever see

Craning your neck and looking up to the sky isn’t just to look at the sky at Manhattan but to admire the artistry at work here. The skyscrapers are something to behold. Manhattan provides you with the most spectacular display of architecture you’ll ever behold. Starting from the old to the new, the buildings on display are bound to take away your breath. The designs and the vision that go into the creations of these buildings give them a life of their own. Whether it is a brand new skyscraper that you want to see or a 200 years old church, the city has it all. You’ll find the symbol of ambition and American innovation in the Empire State Building which was built in 1931. The building is one of the most visited places in the city. You get a 360° view from the 86th floor of the whole city. Just take a 25-minute elevator and you can enjoy the most spectacular view ever.

  • Take a walk around the famous Central Park

We have all heard about this place and have been on the bucket list of many. Central Park is America’s one of the most beloved and famous attractions. The place is constrained within the 843-acre plot and gives a welcome respite from the high end buildings and the concrete jungle. You can take a walk or pack a picnic in the place or you can just simply sit and watch thousands of people roam the park. If watching people is a thing, this place is ideal for it. After a hectic day of sightseeing, you need to sit and breathe. This place has everything that you need and can ask for. You will not be bored nor will you be tired of all the walking, talking, and shopping. It is the ideal place to sit with the picnic ready lawns and picturesque densely wooded paths.

  • Go say Hi to Lady Liberty

No trip to NYC is complete for anyone without a visit to the Mother of Exiles at Liberty Island. It is the symbol of American liberty and is one of the most popular spots for tourists to visit. You can find the rich history at the statue’s massive pedestal houses which holds exhibits showcasing the friendship between France and the U.S. If you want a tour of Lady Liberty, you can pre-book your services and dodge the long queue and ferry. You can climb to the crown of the Statue to enjoy the panoramic view of the New York Harbor. You can also see the nuts and bolts that were used by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi to create the statue. You can also make a pit stop at the museum on Liberty Island just to have a peek into history.

  • Take on the food quest in NYC

Well, foodies just found their paradise. You will find anything and everything that is food in Manhattan without question. Do you need something that is unique and tastes equally amazing? Chances are you will find them in NYC. Culinary chefs from all around the world dream to serve up their delicacies in the city. Since the place is an international hot spot, you will find food experts here from all over the world. Even if you are not a foodie, you will find something of your liking in the city without a doubt. Your stomach needs its fill and there’s plenty to choose from. If you want the local flavor, then there’s street food waiting for you always. However, there are some places that must absolutely try and those are Atla, Atomix, Via Carota, Cosme, Superiority Burger, Crown Shy, and many more so.

  • Shows and Broadway

Broadway stage has seen many performances and actors in their prime as they made their way to fame. Some of the greatest actors in history started their career on the Broadway stage. The Theater District in NYC has a show for every member of the group that they will love. The place packs a ton of entertainment, energy, and talent. You may see someone on the stage here before they make their way to fame and freedom. However, Broadway isn’t the only place to go to for such entertainment. You can hit any theater in the city and gain an experience of a lifetime.

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