Best Food Experience in New Jersey

New Jersey is always packed with wonders for travellers. Regarding food, New Jersey is indeed an extravaganza with the best restaurants in the town serving quality delicacies. For anyone and everyone who is heading down the shores takes a toll on your appetite with fulfilling meals from countless eateries and the best dining spots. If you are all set to give a treat to your taste palettes and indulge in sumptuous food, here are some of the best restaurant recommendations for you.

Battelo – Jersey City

Adorned with expert chefs putting their skills on their plates, Battelo is one of the best-known restaurants in the area. Batello is where you should be hitting on if you love some ravioli and crab dishes. Across Manhattan and the lower Hudson, there are hardly any restaurants better than this. Batello also features an incredible bar with tons of options. Avail of some of the best quality wine at this place. Ricotta with butter and garlic puree is one of their classics. When at Batello, don’t miss out on their desserts because the caramel doughnuts will satisfy your soul more than anything else.

Cellar 335 – Jersey City

The name might suggest that this is just a suave cellar, but in reality, it is more than that. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and provides a fantastic place to hang out with your friends. Some of the best-known dishes of this restaurant are pork shanks and pineapple juice. As the name suggests, Cellar is mainly known for wine and liquors. It can only be that you leave the place tasting some fine-quality mocktails. Tiki Cocktail Shtick is one of the best drinks out here. The cellar is a lovely neighbourhood joint, a great place to have fun with friends and family.

Mud City Crab House

Situated in Manahawkin, this one is your ideal place for Friday nights. The restaurant is ideally known for its excellent seafood dishes. It is a forte joint for residents and travellers are the Long Becah Island and Manahawkin area. Cocktails and seafood are the most well-known delicacies of this place. Not only crabs but the restaurants have some of the best prawns, clams, squids and mussels on their menu card. Crab cakes from Mud city are comfort food for thousands. It is a chart topper, and almost everyone in New Jersey loves the dish. Also, you must take advantage of the baked garlic clams. The seafood platters are a must-try. The restaurant has a beautiful ambience. The unique seafood recipes served are genuinely authentic. The taste has evolved over the years with a tinge of simplicity and freshness.

Kaya’s Kitchen

This fine dining restaurant is located on the main street of Belmar. It is time for a big surprise for vegans. Though Grilled and fried meat are their unique in-house dishes, several vegan items are on the menu, and each tastes wonderful. Kaya’s is also great for health freaks because they have a healthy food section on their menu. So if you want some light meals made fresh from organic ingredients. Kay’s kitchen prioritises flavour over everything else. They mainly specialise in Asian cuisine, with Thai being the best one. Thinking of some good food options even when cutting down on calories? Try out Kaya’s vegetable juice – which is packed with flavours and nutrients.

Old Homestead Steak House

Is there any better option than to end fantastic nights of the Atlantic City with steak? Old Homestead in Manhattan is a sumptuous delight and a perfect ending to your party nights. In this space, you can experience New Jersey’s best beef cuts on the Jersey shores. Not only is the steak appetising, but it is also affordable. This can be an excellent choice for anyone searching for a classic dining option in New Jersey. The house’s unique dishes include porterhouse, prime ribs and sirloin. The most recommended plate is the truffle mac and cheese side dish whenever you are here. There is an elegant wine collection to improve your dining experience.


This one is a hidden gem. Not many people know about this incredible spot in the heart of Long Islands. It is heaven for Italian food. Multiple cuisines are served here. However, the restaurant is predominantly Italian food. This is famous as a friend’s hanging out at the joint. The first reason is the affordable pricing, and the second is the beautiful menu. An exquisite bar and wine options are an added assortment of wine that will light you up. They mainly focus on preparing seasonal food with local items. The atmosphere is truly unique, and they have plenty of home-brewed wine that tastes beautiful.

Brasas BBQ

Talk of America and miss out on barbeques – Nah! That ain’t good justice. Barbeques form the primary food line of Americans. Brasas is an authentic barbeque joint. It is the best joint to go to if you want a fine dining experience. The most exciting part is that – they specialise in Portuguese Barbeques. Amidst plenty of restaurants that serve seafood in the area, this is one of the best places for BBQ meat lovers. The restaurant mostly serves Portuguese cuisine. The rice and beans combo is very famous. The chef’s unique and most recommended dishes from the restaurant are dry rub whole grilled chicken platter. A rack of ribs will also make you happy. Brasa is a quaint place ideal for family dine-outs or even dates. The food size portion is exemplary, and the rates are affordable.

Aarzu in Freehold

There is perhaps no place on the planet where Indians haven’t set up restaurants. Indian food is one of the world’s most celebrated cuisines because of the fabulous blend of spices and mixes of aromas. Aarzu is a hard-core Indian restaurant that blends Indian cuisine with a touch of modern culinary science. For example, the Indian tandoori risotto is one of the best-selling items in this restaurant. The restaurant’s founder and owner, Shravan Shetty, has experimented with the menu and tried to deliver both continental and Indian, like the newly launched tapas-style appetiser section. If you have a sweet tooth, try out the Indian kulfi featuring a sweet, smooth and dense texture.

The Circle

When we dig a bit into American food, the traditional lines and the evolution over the past few ages, the highlights are totally on the farm-to-table concept. Americans have loved their farm produce, and one of the core ideas of American food has always been serving fresh, local and seasonal. The Circle is a brilliantly designed restaurant that obeys a rustic American theme. You would breathe fresh farm air inside the restaurant. People exclaim this place is a heartthrob for American food. They primarily serve rustic American food that reminds of countryside tables. However, the German potato and creamed leeks are the best-selling items,


The restaurant is well known for its chef David Burke. He believes in preserving the simplicity of flavours and not overdoing them. The menu is vast, and the ala carte options are fabulous. They offer sushi, salads, burgers, pasta, pizza, and more. The non-vegetarian options, such as lamb and chicken, are excellent. 1776 is one of the restaurants that people keep returning to repeatedly. The place is known for its good food, ambience, affordable process, comprehensive menu and, most importantly, authentic taste. The chef says – people love the authenticity of flavours and the affordable price. Whether on a date with your partner or a hang out with the family, this one is truly amazing.

If you ever plan to visit the restaurant, try the basil-butter whole lobster with sun-dried mozzarella tomato fritters. This is their highlight dish.

Wrapping It Up

NJ is one of the most recognizable metropolises in America. The city boasts some of the best restaurants and fine dining joints, and a professional New Jersey Car Service can be the best ticket to head over to the eateries. Get where you need to be in comfort and style. Our car and limo services are a luxury available for the most affordable rates and serve as the perfect alternative to any other cab service for business, holidays or both. Wander around the city and try your favorite food. Our professional car services featuring well-trained chauffeurs will safely drive you to your destination.

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